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    Writing on EFL Methodology

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    The aim of this book is to satisfy the needs of those students majoring in English philology who must plan and carry out a research project on EFL methodology as part of their course or program requirements. This guidebook teaches students to organize and write their research papers on EFL methodology and provides basic information on research types and methods. According to the study program, students face the challenge of doing research in the field of EFL methodology – they write essay-type homework assignments, term papers, a Bachelor Thesis at the end of the B. A. program and research papers/projects in the graduate studies program. The main types of papers are briefly described in this guidebook, all of them sharing similar structure, principles and steps. However, the papers are different in the scope of the research. The guidebook provides students with the basic information needed to understand the research process, from idea formulation through data analysis and interpretation, text organization and documentation of sources. Students will find the necessary information on how to plan, organize and document their research and how to structure the research paper. The book will be useful for those teachers of English who consider conducting action research or publishing a research paper.