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    The Construction of National Narratives and Politics of Memory in the Central and Eastern European Region After 1989 / Nacionalinių naratyvų konstravimas ir atminties politika Vidurio Rytų Europoje po 1989 m.

    Konferencijos pranešimų medžiaga

    AutoriusSudarytojas Egidijus Aleksandravičius
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    LeidyklaVytauto Didžiojo universitetas, „Versus aureus“
    Išleidimo metai2014
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    At the end of 2013 an international conference was organized at Vytautas Magnus University dedicated to discussions on Central East European national narratives and memory reflection policies post-1990. The conference primarily reflected a research project several years underway that has been financed by the Lithuanian Council of Research. National narrative and hero themes are mostly presented by historians in this book, however, it also contains numerous social philosophy and political science components as well. Nevertheless, academic insights an political wisdom hint that most important is to be able to listen to different narratives, to try to understand their real motives, and then it will become increasingly possible for those people to live together in peace whose heroes of the past fought amongst each other. / 2013 m. pabaigoje Vytauto Didžiojo įvyko tarptautinė konferencija, skirta diskutuoti apie nacionalinius naratyvus ir atminties politiką Vidurio Rytų Europoje po 1989 m. Konferencijoje pirmiausia buvo aptariamas keletą metų vykdomas tyrimų projektas, kurį finansavo Lietuvos mokslo taryba.