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    Learning & Counselling / Experiential Learning. Mentoring, Reflective and Other Strategies of Counselling. Different Models of Planning and Organisation of Counselling. Awareness and Communication in Counselling

    AutoriusTron Inglar (Ed.), Ellen Bjerknes, Reidun Lappen, Tov Tobiassen
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    LeidyklaVytauto Didžiojo universitetas, Akershus universiteto koledžas (Norvegija)
    Išleidimo metai2002
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    The authors hightlight experiential learning, communication, and the guiding, mentoring, gestalt and reflective approaches to counselling in this book. It is important to stress that this book was written in close co-operation with experienced Lithuanian teachers. They helped to convert practical exercises presented in this book closer and more understandable to the Lithuania teaching/learning culture. The authors hope that this book will be very useful not only to the teacher educators of other transitions countries of Central and East Europe but to the teacher educators of EU countries and all around the world as well. / Knygos, išleistos bendradarbiaujant su Norvegijos Akershus University College, autoriai pabrėžia konsultavimo svarbą mokymosi, bendravimo ir orientavimosi, konsultavimo, geštalto ir analitišku praktiniu požiūriu.