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    Cultural diplomacy of France and the United States and its practical conduct in Lithuania


    AutoriusGiedrė Pranaitytė
    e. ISBN978-609-467-193-7 (Online)
    ISBN978-609-467-194-4 (Print)
    ISSN978-9955-34-616-6 (Print)
    LeidyklaVytauto Didžiojo universitetas, „Versus aureus“
    Išleidimo metai2016
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    The focus of the monograph has been on the examination of French and American
    models of cultural diplomacy which possess many elements that might be interesting and attractive to other states despite their considerable differences. It is important to note that these issues have not been analysed in much depth by Lithuanian political scientists so far. Therefore, the current monograph has been written taking into account the objective to partially fill in certain academic gaps on the subject. The French pattern of cultural diplomacy deserves a thorough scrutiny due to its flexibility and traditional attractiveness worldwide.
    Cultural and diplomatic contacts between Lithuania and France are particularly interesting since both countries happen to be quite different from each other in numerous respects but at the same time they also cherish deep-rooted traditions of a fruitful cooperation on political and artistic levels. The American pattern of cultural diplomacy has traditionally been different from the French one in terms of a more liberal organizational style and a far greater readiness to exploit private initiatives and non-governmental financial resources in order to showcase the best examples of American culture internationally. In this monograph considerable attention is paid to the successful instances of American cultural diplomacy in Lithuania as an indicator which direction should be taken to ensure a strong friendship and intensive cultural exchanges between both countries in the nearest future.